Frederik Bagger Crispy White

In 2014 Frederik Bagger desired to live out his dream of creating a brand that would give the consumer a Scandinavian design developed by inspiring, functional and aesthetic products in high quality. We combine culture and modern design in the arts and crafts market; creating thereby greater content in the products through Frederik Bagger design.

Lead free crystal white 2pcs

This exquisite glass features a beautiful shape for a classic and sophisticated look. The diamond cut glass sparkles in the light and casts a rainbow of color. A perfect choice for both formal and informal gatherings.

Frederik Bagger Crispy glasses are cut on a diamond wheel. The high quality of the glass guarantees long-lasting brilliance and clarity. The Crispy glass collection offers: Lead-free crystal glass free of toxic additives. Dishwasher safe (glass program). 2-year warranty against cloudy glass.

These glasses are wrapped by 2 in a stunning box!

Diameter: 7,6 cm / Height: 19 cm (250 ml)


Frederik Bagger Crispy White 2pcs

At Frederik Bagger, they strive to go beyond customer satisfaction. Knowing that you are quality-conscious and particular, and therefore set high standards for our produces, service and expertise.

All products are of the highest quality and completely dishwasher safe. We create versatile and sustainable products that maintain their clarity and finish.

By using lead-free glass and certified raw materials in our products, we ensure continued clarity after dishwashing.

Frederik Bagger offer a 2-year glass warranty on all products, and a 2-year breakage warranty on our porcelain series.

Products are eco-friendly and exceptional durable, and contain no toxic materials.

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