Muubs Reindeer Skin SVEN

Muubs Reindeer Skin Sven

Muubs reindeer skins from Finland are of high quality and very decorative! It cannot be avoided that the skins will loose some hairs. Reindeer have no layer of fat, so they have lots of hair that insulates against the cold. The hairs are hollow, and they may therefore crack. We recommend that the skins are used outdoor. If you use it indoor, shake or friezes skin regularly, so it retains its softness. Since this is a natural product, color may vary from skin to skin

W:110cm L:125cm

Muubs is an innovative furniture and interior business specialized in designing and producing furniture and interior exclusively in raw materials. Items with a raw and unique urban look that fits into most interior design as a contrast to the minimalistic.
Bent & Dorthe Povlsen started the company in 2010 with a strong focus on craftsmanship and nature and its beautiful, intense rawness what resolved in unique beautiful products that express authenticity and honesty.


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