Jieldé Vloerlamp Loft D1240 Black


In the late 1940s, tired of not finding a light adapted to his general mechanics activity, Jean-Louis Domecq draws one. After some trial and error, the final drawing is fixed in April 1950. It perfectly matches the specifications: simple, robust and articulated in order to adapt itself to all workstations. Made in Lyon, France, with the same old gestures, each one is numbered in order to remain a unique artwork.

2 arms 120 + 40, 25W, delivery time for colors not in stock 6-8 weeks


Jieldé Vloerlamp Loft D1240 Black

Vintage, yet modern, timeless and tailor-made, the Jieldé lamp is very deeply rooted its time. Its design will carry on to make the name of its brilliant inventor shine, in France and all over the world.

This Black 2 arms floorlamp will suite well in every part of the house. It has  2 Arms : 1 x 120cm + 1x 40cm.

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