Bon Bini


​Bon Bini’ or ‘Welcome’ as they say in the Caribbean! As owners of a beach house on the beautiful island of Bonaire, we were looking for the perfect towel for our guests to use by the pool and beach. We stumbled upon the original hand-loomed Turkish hammam towels. These hammam towels have a history of more than 500 years and are woven by experienced weavers, mostly women, at their homes. They are known as peshtemal, Turkish towel or hammam towel. Our traditional Turkish towels are made of 100 % eco-friendly pure cotton and are handwoven on wooden looms with natural handmade tassels. Totally in love by this beautiful product we started Bon Bini. We aim to provide only the best original hand-loomed high quality Turkish towels that our customers will enjoy for a very long time. Bon Bini towels are beautiful, luxurious, lightweight, super soft, long-lasting and highly absorbent. They are quick-drying and take up little space. Our towels are great for use in bathrooms, by the pool or beach, as well as at spa’s, hammams and sauna’s. Bon Bini towels are simple, elegant and make a great gift. Enjoy!