À la Collection


Two women who want to relive instead of renew. Two travellers who are boundless in different ways. Two collectors who want to reinvent identities. À la is the answer to the questions: what do we love and what do we like to share with others? À la tells stories of people, products and cultures.The need to travel, to discover and to meet equals around the world. À la is curious and is therefore always searching for unique pieces with a special story that will create new memories with you. Being aware of a certain feeling; the feeling that emerges when we find a product that fits our imagination. À la satisfies the desire for this feeling. À la wants to make you curious and would like to share the passion for jewellery and lifestyle products. Our passion to travel makes it possible for us to search for items with a rare identity and impressions to share. There are some products that we duplicate to make them accessible for everyone and products we have collected ourselves. We create and curate. Give and take. Adopt and share.