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Modernica Case Study Cylinder wooden Plynth Pebble

Modernica at Vinterior

For over 25 years, Modernica has proudly built each piece of furniture, one-by-one, at its four-acre campus in Los Angeles. It has been family owned and operated since it opened and is home to a world-class upholstery and woodshop.

Modernica’s Case Study Cylinder w/ Plinth is clean and elegant in form. The stoneware planter comes in 3 matte colors: charcoal, pebble, and white and in 2 sizes.

If not in stock, delivery 8-10 weeks or 4 weeks with express delivery. If interested we send you a price estimation


Size plynth

Small dia:29,5cm & H:29,5cm, Large dia:33 & H:35